Henry Hersh Trucking was started 45 years ago by Henry (Hank) Hersh. Hank started out with one truck hauling hay. He also hauled equipment and supplies for the U.S. Army to California.

In 1955 Hank started hauling for Sterling Sand & Gravel. Since that time Hersh Trucking has grown to 14 trucks and 18 trailers operation hauling construction related materials for Western Mobile Northern, currently.

Henry Hersh Trucking has always been a family owned and operated business with Hank Sr. running the operations a sons Hank Jr. and Scot driving trucks. In 1992 Hank Jr. and Scot started running the business to let Hank Sr. and Jean (Mom) have some time to enjoy life. They worked very hard and kept Henry Hersh Trucking running smoothly and extremely successful for 45 years.

In 1999 Henry Hersh Trucking and Western Mobile came to a mutual agreement for Henry Hersh Trucking to become independent of Western Mobile. No longer being tied to Western Mobile means that Hersh Trucking will now be able to work for other companies and be able to explore other business ventures in the future. With the skilled employees at Hersh Trucking we are looking forward to growing and maintaining the reputation as one of the best trucking companies in the region.